Armored Vehicle Manufacturing & Sales in Philippines

Harrow Security Vehicles is Premium Armored Vehicle Manufacturing company based in Dubai, UAE. we are manufacturing and supplying high quality armored or bulletproof vehicles such us, We are Leading Armored vehicle supplier to Philippines and also supplying to other 50 countries spanning 6 Continents. individual approach to the needs and requirements of each of its clients, Harrow Security vehicle supplying armored vehicles that guarantee safety and security while offering peace of mind.We also provide servicing and replacement parts for all varieties of armored vehicles.Contact us now for a free Quote


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We practice value addition to our customers through delivering quality products via ISO standards and delivering in a timely manner to any part of the world with legal document clearance taken well care of; moreover we are present with you throughout the process to ensure seamless delivery; In priority the cycle can be fast tracked as well. Prior to armoring, communication made is ensured to be clear and transparent between both the ends, this helps us to educate and help our clients with impeccable suggestion and support which in turn will help them take better decision on what vehicle to choose and level of protection to opt for.
  • Choosing a reliable partner
  • Your spending limit and vehicle based on your needs
  • Level of protection based on your requirement
  • Capability for international logistics
  • A minimum waiting period is default
  • Weight addition will affect OEM performance
Featured Services
Custom armoring
Custom armoring
Choose between customizable components and additional accessories which you can mix and match according to your requirement.
Parts and accessories
Parts and accessories
Cut your taught of worries on replacement of armoring parts; we deliver it right to you as we are well aware that issues pertaining to failure can not be avoided.
24/7 support
24/7 support
We are there to help you out on your queries and assist on crucial part of handover which includes documentation, vehicle clearance and logistics.
Onsite Service
Onsite service
Since most of the delivery are off our home base our onsite team keeps travelling round the globe to fix and resolve issues keeping our clients happy.
Armored Personnel Carrier
Armored Personnel Carrier
Mayday! Several government's trust on us cannot be wrong. With pride we develop carriers for Military and governments. Most of them are reusable module for varied area of function    More Details...!
Armored Luxury Vehicles
Armored Luxury Vehicles
Let safety indulge into luxury. Adding multiple layers of safety to your vehicle through use of finest armor plates, suspension and brake upgrades leaving no compromise on comfort and excellent vehicle dynamics    More Details...!
Armored SUV
Armored SUV
Suitable and most opted for day to day personal/ business routine. Exterior view leaves no clue of armoring for any random spectator. Choose yours from wide range of Armored SUV    More Details...!.
Armored Cash In Transit
Armored Cash In Transit
Safe transportation of cash and valuables with 360o surrounded surveillance. Crafted in excellence to meet the custom requirements of personal security agencies, Cash centers & banks; available in petrol and Diesel    More Details...! .
Armored Pickup
Armored Pickup Trucks
Safeguard your business, Make it more reliable. Spread the word and find more customers. We provide bulletproof armoring based on your country's legislation standards and your custom specification / requirement.    More Details...!
Armored Bus
Armored Buses
Security is something that should never be taken for granted, nor compromised, especially when it comes to protecting the life of people and other valuable assets.    More Details...!
Highly customizable
Well streamlined production process & machine cut components help us to satisfy our client's requirement of any sort; now you have a trusted partner to rely upon as we hold the batch of NATO & UN certified manufacture
Easy Documentation
Our workforce come with diversified experience in documentation, who are well aware of issues which could possibly occur and liaise with legal, other concerned experts to ensure timely delivery and seamless process
After sales service
We believe loyalty is the key to customer retention & take serious efforts to ensure the vehicle reaches your hands safe; we are available 24/7 to help with queries/issues pertaining to service, repair, documentation
World wide Logistics
With delivery to almost any part of the world, we are present with you throughout transport and reach you where you are taking care of complete documentation related to legal or transport; assuring you peace of mind
Near to OEM experience
Though OEM Components are replaced with armoring components we ensure to give you the nearby OEM experience using cutting edge solution and well streamlined production process during component replacement / addition
Timely delivery
We assemble components procured only from certified dealers which are quality tested, for additional level of safety our internal quality team double checks on quality to ensure no flaws alongside reduce human errors
Brand Item
Brand Item
Brand Item
Brand Item
Brand Item