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    Premium Quality Armored Vehicles For Algeria

    Algeria is the biggest and most peaceful country on the African continent. However, there have been reports of theft and violence in some portion of the country. Highway traffic is particularly susceptible to assault and security on the road is a problem when no safety measures are in place. A bulletproof vehicle can keep us safe from ballistic attacks and bombardment. If you want to acquire an armored car in Algeria, you may get in touch with Harrow Security Vehicles. We are Algeria’s premier armored vehicle manufacturer and supplier. As a renowned armored car manufacturer, we are committed to producing armored cars for all purposes. The armored SUVs and fancy autos for people. Pickup and cash in transit for secure transportation of valuables on the road. Armored Personal carriers and troop transporters for police and military patrolling. Armored ambulances and heavy-duty vehicles for particular applications Our armored vehicles are developed and built in accordance with the European Union’s CEN 1063 standard. In collaboration with many shipping companies, we distribute armored vehicles across Algeria. We handle all of the relevant documents and provide customers with peace of mind throughout the procedure.

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    Armored Luxury Cars

    Most luxury cars offer excellent protection along with luxury features, better performance, and safety. But safety is not limited to crumple zones and a lot of airbags. When safety becomes a concern on the road, people need to be safe from ballistic attacks. While traveling in a threat-prone zone of Algeria, most people prefer armored cars. Harrow Security Vehicle is a leading armored vehicle manufacturer and supplier in the middle east. We deliver armored vehicles all over Algeria in association with many logistics agencies. Harrow’s armoring process goes through many steps. The car’s body shell is reinforced with special ballistic steel, windows are replaced with bulletproof glasses to resist the penetration of bullets, and tires are replaced with run-flats. Harrow Security vehicles meet the needs of customers who desire prestigious vehicles without compromising safety, they achieve a CEN 1063 BR7 ballistic protection level.

    Armored Civilian Vehicles

    Algeria’s demand for armored civilian cars is growing by the day. Harrow’s armored SUVs and sedans provide B-level ballistic protection. These vehicles are appropriate for Algerian roads and terrain. For customers who value peace of mind above all else, Harrow Security provides a customized range of armored SUVs.   Our SUVs and armored sedans are obtained from industry-leading automotive manufacturers, allowing us to access standard OEM replacement parts through worldwide service networks. The key brands that are typically delivered to Algeria from Harrow’s production factory include the Toyota Land Cruiser, Mercedes-Benz G63, Lexus LX570, Toyota Corolla, and Dodge Charger.

    Armored Personnel Carriers

    As crucial as the task itself is getting soldiers into and out of the mission. Protect your team on the ground with armored personnel carriers from Harrow Security, the premier provider of armoring solutions in Algeria and the wider African area at the moment. Harrow’s Armored Personnel Carriers are designed using integrating cutting-edge technology, which ensures the security of your force. The gun port and turret system will be implemented as per the client’s needs. We are aware of the dangers associated with being out front. Through military-grade technology that enables personnel to enter unsafe zones, navigate them, and leave them in relative safety, our primary objective is to continuously reduce these risks. We develop customized APCs that provide increased adaptability in the fighting zone while providing full protection for your squad on the ground.

    Armored Cash in Transit Vehicles

    The transportation of liquid money is a challenging task in many countries worldwide. As well as in Algeria faces threats while carrying a large quantity of cash or jewelry on the road. If liquid money transportation takes place in an OEM pickup van or truck, the vehicle may be attacked and lose consignment in the vehicle and even the lives of personnel. So, most organizations prefer armored cash-in-transit vehicles for hurdle-free transportation of liquid money and other valuable things. We Harrow Security Vehicle Company manufacture a variety of Armored Cash in Transit units to meet every client’s needs and budget. We have a large inventory of cash-in-transit vehicles in stock for Algeria. Our Cash in Transits are based on Toyota Landcruiser 79 series pickup, Toyota Hilux, ISUZU, IVECO Trucks, and GMC Savana vans.

    After Sale Support

    We have deployed our technical crews in Algeria, and they are working as a chain to provide after-sale support for our valuable customers. If you are in a dilemma over choosing an appropriate armored vehicle, leave your thoughts aside and feel free to contact our team. Our advanced and sophisticated armoring process offers high-quality armored vehicles for any purpose.

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