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    Supreme Quality Armored Vehicles in Burkina Faso

    Due to the high crime and violence that have plagued the country in recent years, armored cars became so popular in Burkina Faso. By using harrow’s armored vehicles, individuals and organizations can better protect themselves and their assets from all types of attacks. The main benefit of harrow’s armored cars is that they can often be customized to meet our customer’s specific needs. For example, some customers need an armored vehicle equipped with bulletproof glass, reinforced doors and windows, and run-flat tires. Others need an armored car designed to withstand explosions or be able to drive through rough terrain. This means that armored cars can be tailored to the specific security requirements of different individuals and organizations. Armored cars are a valuable asset for those who may be at a higher risk of being targeted by criminal or terrorist groups in Burkina Faso. As a leading armored vehicle manufacturing company harrow’s armored vehicle provides a high level of protection and can be customized to meet the specific needs of our customers.

    cadilac escalade 600

    Armored Luxury Cars

    Armored luxury cars are vehicles that have been specially modified to provide increased protection for the occupants. These modifications typically include the addition of bulletproof glass, reinforced doors, body panels, and run-flat tires. In Burkina Faso, armored luxury cars are becoming increasingly popular among government officials, business leaders, and other wealthy individuals. One of the main reasons for the popularity of armored luxury cars in Burkina Faso is the high level of crime and insecurity in the country. Kidnapping, carjacking, and other forms of violent crime are common in many parts of Burkina Faso, and owning an armored luxury car can provide a sense of security and peace of mind. Additionally, many government officials and business leaders in Burkina Faso travel frequently to areas where the risk of violence is higher, and an armored luxury car can provide added protection during these trips. Another reason for the popularity of armored luxury cars in Burkina Faso is the country’s growing economy. As the economy continues to grow and more people become wealthy, there is a growing demand for luxury goods and services, including armored luxury cars. Additionally, many wealthy individuals in Burkina Faso view owning an armored luxury car as a status symbol and see it as a way to showcase their success and prestige.

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    Military Grade Armored Personnel Carriers

    Getting personnel in and out of high-risk situations is as important as the mission itself. Ensure the safety of your team on the ground with armored personnel carriers from Harrow Security – the leading armoring solutions company and supplier in the African region today. Harrow Security designs the Armored Personnel Carriers with cutting-edge technologies to ensure the protection of your troops. We comprehend the risks implied on the front line. Our central goal is to ceaselessly diminish those dangers through military spec technologies that empower faculty to move in, around, and out of peril zones in relative security. We plan and foster specific APCs that empower upgraded versatility in the combat zone while giving vigorous cover to your group on the ground. Many of the forces in Burkina Faso are using the APC’s from Harrow Security.

    Armored Cash in Transit Vehicles

    Transportation of liquid money is a challenging task in many countries worldwide as well as in Burkina Faso faces challenges carrying a large quantity of cash or jewelry on the road. Because the carrier vehicle is likely to be attacked. If carrier vehicle is a ordinary cash in transit vehicle there is a chance to lose money and even the life of personnel. Harrow Security Vehicle manufactures a variety of armored Cash in Transit units to meet every client’s needs and budget. We have a large inventory of cash-in-transit vehicles in stock based on Toyota Landcruiser 79 series pickup, Toyota Hilux, ISUZU, IVECO Trucks, and GMC Savana vans.

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    After Sale Support

    We have deployed our technical team in Burkina Faso, and they are working as a team to provide after-sale support for our valuable customers. If you are in a dilemma over choosing an appropriate armored vehicle, leave your thoughts behind and approach our team. Our advanced and sophisticated armoring process offers high-quality armored vehicles for any purpose.

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