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    Rwanda’s trusted choice for armored vehicles

    Rwanda is known as the land of a thousand hills. After its independence, Rwanda witnessed a devastating civil war and genocide that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. Since then, the Rwandan government has made considerable progress in rebuilding and strengthening its military and security forces, which have played an important role in ensuring the country’s peace and security. Armored vehicles have an important role in the security and protection of individuals and valuable goods in Rwanda. These vehicles are used in various sectors. Such as militaries, high-ranking government officials, corporate leaders, and rich individuals who may be targeted because of their status or position. Security and law enforcement services, such as the Rwandan National Police (RNP), also employ these vehicles to move personnel and equipment securely through potentially dangerous locations. Harrow Security Vehicle is a leading supplier of armored vehicles in Rwanda. As a premier armored car manufacturer, we focus on manufacturing armored vehicles for a variety of applications. Our most selling vehicles in Rwanda are armored SUVs, armored luxury cars, cash-in-transit vehicles, armored personal carriers, and other special-purpose vehicles. We handle all essential documents and provide consumers with peace of mind throughout the procedure.


    Armored Luxury Cars

    Armored luxury cars have become a popular choice in Rwanda, particularly among high-profile individuals and businesses. These vehicles offer not only the luxurious features and comfort of traditional luxury cars but also the added protection of armor plating. One of the main reasons for the popularity of armored luxury cars in Rwanda is the country’s history of political instability and violence. Armor plating can provide a crucial level of protection for individuals and businesses that may be at risk of attack. In addition to physical protection, armored cars can also offer a psychological sense of safety and security for those who may be concerned about their personal safety. Another reason for the popularity of armored luxury cars in Rwanda is the country’s growing economy and increasing wealth. As more individuals and businesses in Rwanda achieve financial success, they may be looking for ways to showcase their status and success, and an armored luxury car can be a symbol of that success. We have all major brand’s armored luxury vehicles in stock such as Mercedes Benz Maybach GLS 600, Lexus 600, Porsche Gemballa GTS, Cadillac Escalade, Toyota Land Cruiser J300, etc.

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    Military Grade Armored Vehicles

    Harrow’s armored personnel carriers are designed to transport soldiers and equipment in conflict zones. Our APCs have been used by Rwandan militaries, private security companies, and peacekeeping forces to transport troops and provide protection in volatile and dangerous regions. One of the main advantages of armored personnel carriers is their ability to provide protection for soldiers. These vehicles are heavily armored with thick steel plates and bulletproof glasses that are designed to withstand enemy fire and shrapnel. This makes them ideal for use in conflict zones, where soldiers are at risk of being targeted by enemy forces. In addition to providing protection for crews, armored personnel carriers are also useful for transporting equipment and supplies. Our APCs are often equipped with cargo compartments that can be used to carry everything from food and water to ammunition and medical supplies. This makes them an essential part of any military operation, as they allow troops to be self-sufficient and able to operate in a variety of environments. Turrets and gunports are common features of APCs because these can provide defense against enemy fire and engage enemy targets.

    Armored Cash in Transit Vehicles

    Armored cash in transit vehicles plays a critical role in the financial sector of Rwanda. These vehicles are used to transport large sums of cash and valuables from one location to another, typically from banks to ATMs or other financial institutions. The use of armored CIT vehicles helps to ensure the safety and security of the cash and valuables being transported, as well as the safety of the individuals handling the transport. Our armored cash in transit vehicles have the ability to deter potential thieves and protect against robbery attempts. These vehicles are heavily fortified with thick steel plating and bullet-resistant glass, making it difficult for criminals to break into or damage the vehicle. In addition, harrow’s armored cash in transit vehicles are equipped with advanced security features such as GPS tracking, surveillance cameras, and alarm systems, which can help to deter and track any potential criminal activity. Our CIT Vehicles are based on Toyota Landcruiser 79 series pickup, Toyota Hilux, ISUZU, IVECO Trucks, and GMC Savana vans, etc.

    After Sale Support

    We are deployed our technical team in Rwanda and they are working as a chain to provide after-sale support for our valuable clients. If you are in a dilemma over choosing an appropriate armored vehicle in Rwanda, leave your thoughts besides and contact our team. Our advanced and sophisticated armoring process offers high-quality armored vehicles for any purposes.

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