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    Buy a used bulletproof car?

    Buy a used bulletproof car?

    Is it safe to buy a used bulletproof car ?

    The sole purpose of Bulletproof Cars being safety and protection, this baffled question of “Whether to buy Bulletproof Cars ?” should be considered a serious matter of life. Though in common, buying a used Bullet proof car is not recommended. We have written on the challenges and consideration you should have in mind over opting for used Bulletproof Car.

    Challenges while thinking to buy used Bulletproof car

    The major concern over opting for a used Bulletproof Car is the state of the vehicle. The drawback is these used car cannot be instantly tested, making it discard the purpose of security.

    Shortlist Armoring companies

    There are handful of Armoring companies in the market.

    1. The best way of shortlisting is to know about which dealer/manufacturer uses Armoring supplies from authorized suppliers.
    2. Make sure its an accredited agency. We at Harrow are ISO and United Nations Certified Company.


    1. For a used bullet proof vehicle, assuming you get on a deal or stock clearance, you’ll be able to save a very considerable of amount of money..
    2. The price difference between used and new Bulletproof cars aren’t much, hence used cars do not save you money.
    3. We at harrow make bulletproof vehicles at very reasonable rates with comparison to other players.

    Depending upon the level of threat there are varying levels of protection. According to your budget and requirement one can customize it ; however certain components like the glass, ballistic metal frames, suspension are mandate.

    Insights to consider during opting for used Bulletproof Car

    1. The metal and glasses used for bulletproof can fade over time, becoming volatile and weak.
    2. During purchase its hard to measure the damage on the armor.

    It quite challenging to find whether any damage has been caused previously and also whether the previous damages are covered in the armor.

    1. Usually bulletproof cars are heavier (Sometimes more than twice the original weight of the vehicle) This is because of the heavy components such as Ballistic metal and glass. As a result they have a greater probability to break down.

    The success behind Harrow Security being top player in the Armored industry is that we value your lives and manufacture vehicles matching intense quality standards and protection all at reasonable price.

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