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    Can my existing car be armored

    Can my existing car be armored

    Can my existing car be armored ?

    Absolutely, any car brand or model which have a heavier chassis than the usual models can be armored. Provided existing car must be capable enough to with stand the armoring; the level of armoring is subject to vehicle model / make.

    Considering the threat level, armoring level can be chosen.

    You can send your requirement / query to us via the contact us page, we will examine your requirement, ensure feasibility of the level of armoring in your vehicle and get back to you.

    Duration for Armoring on existing car :

    We strongly believe that our line of business is a life saver for the end user, hence our production facility is exclusively designed to produce and deliver armored cars on priority and emergency basis. With track records of delivering vehicles in 4 days we top the duration chart amidst our competitors. However the duration will depend upon the production queue and work load.

    In case of international delivery, shipment is subject to specified time line which is based on factors such as cost opted for, destination country, etc.


    Will the weight addition affect the vehicles performance?

    There will definitively be a shift in the OEM /original experience.

    The additional weight will also affect pickup, top speed and pulling capacity.

    However the advantage in weight addition is that it prevents your car from twisting from its angles after a collision (Where the wheel will usually bend away).

    How heavy will be the vehicle, after armoring ?

    In any suitable SUV the Armoring alone will add a weight of 180kg to 680Kg. The weight will entirely depend up on the level of armoring requested and the type of vehicle to be armored.

    Will the vehicle look armored ?

    You can hardly notice the difference. It will look the same as how it was prior to armoring. We understand the necessity of our clients to use an armored car. Hence we follow tailor made techniques to make sure the vehicle looks low profile.

    Will my windows be able to roll down?

    Can be made either way. In the general package the window rolling is not functional; With regard to your needs and customization the doors can be engineered to run up and down. Please note that the rear window will not be operational either wise. For customer opting for functional windows, we recommend to limit its usage and rather use it only on toll ways, checkpoints and document transfers.

    Adding door at the rear hatch

    To ensure better safety we add a second door behind the hatch of the vehicle.

    There will be added armoured see through glass for rear visibility; this will also help the passenger to have clear rear view during times of emergency.

    Additional slots- Holders, gun port etc

    Depending on clients requirement we can provide slots inside and outside the vehicle. Gun holders can be placed on the window glass and are clipped with clamps. Other customization will be done on request.

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