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    Armored Toyota Coaster

    • Armored Toyota Coaster
    • Armored Toyota Coaster
    • Armored Toyota Coaster
    • Armored Toyota Coaster
    • Armored Toyota Coaster
    • Armored Toyota Coaster
    • Armored Toyota Coaster
    • Armored Toyota Coaster
    • Armored Toyota Coaster
    • Armored Toyota Coaster

    Harrow Security Vehicles Armored Toyota Coaster passenger bus is fully armored and is an ideal vehicle for low- profile transportation of passengers in hostile environments. The vehicles OEM components are fully upgraded to support the full weight of armor without compromising the vehicles performance or maneuverability. The Armored Toyota Coaster  interior can be fully customized to suit particular customer requirements.

    • Rear Glass: Green
    • Back (Outside) Buzzer
    • Center Door Folding Type
    • Intermittent Wiper with Washer
    • Outside Rear View Mirror-Std
    • Run-Flats installed in all tires
    • High performance brakes pads
    • Upgraded suspension
    • Radiator protection
    • Gas tank armored
    • Fuel Tank Protection
    • Radiator Protection

    Armored Toyota Coaster Design:

    1. The armoring is integrated with the vehicle’s structure and is self-supporting so as to avoid excessive stress on the vehicle’s original structure.
    2. The interior armor-frame provides overlap for the large-surface armor components such as the door armor-plates and the windows.
    3. Hinge mounting points are reinforced both in the pillars and in the doors where applicable in a way that the armoring of the door is supported by the armoring of the pillar.
    4. Heavy-duty hinges with in-built door-stop.
    5. Fuel-tank, battery and ECU protected with steel armor-plates.

    Roof and Floor of Armored Toyota Coaster :

    1. Entire roof area armored throughout using ballistic composite materials contoured to interior of roof
    2. Floor armored using ultra lightweight material that acts as an adsorbent for mild blast throughout
      Battery, Fuel Tank and Radiator
    3. Battery and ECU (computer) armored with ballistic steel plate if applicable and if located outside of the passenger compartment
    4. Gas tank armored from underneath vehicle with steel plate
    5. Louvered Radiator protection

    Armored Coaster Tires and Wheels:

    1.  Run-Flats installed in all tires including spare Brakes and Suspension System
    2. High performance brakes pads and crossed drilled and slotted rotors added to vehicle to compensate for additional weight
    3. Upgraded suspension: Shocks on all 4 corners, added leafs in rear, adjusted torsion bar, torsion Kit and Timbren Suspension System added to compensate for additional weight added

    DIMENSIONS:2,000 | 6,930 | 2,640
    FUEL TYPE:Petrol / Diesel
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