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    Armored SUV

    Why sacrifice comfort for safety? Enjoy both in a bullet proof SUV

    The SUV has been a staple of the UAE landscape, as it has been in most of the GCC region. The reason behind this is simple: it combines versatility, mobility, and comfort in a single package.

    For those who consider safety the primary consideration in choosing a vehicle, but prefer the luxuries of a sports utility vehicle, Harrow Securities offers options to design the perfect bullet proof SUV for sale.

    We armour your SUV, so you can travel with peace of mind

    Harrow Securities offers a specialised line of armored SUVs for those who value peace of mind over everything else. We have 35,000 square-foot production facility, which enables us to accomplish the most detailed and extensive of contracts quickly and cost-effectively. Our SUV range is sourced from industry-leading automobile manufacturers, allowing us to leverage international service networks for acquiring standard OEM replacement parts.

    All the armouring work is performed at our fully-equipped manufacturing facility, where we have a team of experienced and certified engineers and technicians on hand. To ensure we deliver quality armouring solutions, Harrow Securities adheres to international ballistic standards (CEN, NIJ, VPAM, STANAG). Our in-house quality management system is ISO 9001:2008 certified, and we have achieved third-party ballistic certifications for our materials and processes.

    We implement field-tested and proven manufacturing methods to seamlessly integrate armouring into vehicles, without altering their outside appearance. This enables us to meet the distinctive requirements of clients for their bullet proof SUV, while maintaining the original design of the vehicle.

    Enhanced customer support for our SUV line-up

    With Harrow Security, you benefit from a range of customer support solutions that accompany your contract, including always-available 24/7 customer support services. We also offer onsite repair and armouring work, where we service vehicles at the client’s preferred site for security and privacy. To maintain the privacy and security of the client, we require zero documentation for shipping armored vehicle purchases.

    Get in touch with us today

    To know more about the vehicles we have for sale, feel free to contact us at +97148851998 or email us at info@harrow-security.com.
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